Mission Accomplished: Openstack in a Month

In July I posted about my insane goal of giving a talk at VMworld on a technology I knew nothing about. I chose Openstack, which at that time was nothing more than a buzzword to me. I remember reading tweets saying VMware Administrators needed to pay attention to Openstack but couldn’t tell you what it was. VMworld has arrived and on Monday, August 29th, 2016 I presented my talk. I am not afraid of public speaking but got some jitters as the crew started counting me down.

VMworld 2016 Day 0

I arrived at VMworld on Sunday August 28th in the mid morning. I was exhausted after a long and early flight but activities were already underway so I jumped right in. Registration was quick and I got a sweet backpack out of it. Day 0 is a great time to meet up with new pals and get the lay of the land. I did a couple laps of both floors and basically know where I’m going.