Converting Windows Server 2019 Evaluation Licensing to Volume Licensing

Microsoft provides evaluation version of Windows Server 2019 on their website. These are intended to allow users to deploy a temporary server for testing or checking out new features. It isn’t an easy feat to convert these into KMS servers. In a recent lab environment we used the Windows Server 2019 evaluation without understanding the difficulty in converting it to NFR once we received those licenses. We researched the problem and found a solution to convert a server created with an evaluation ISO to a KMS licensed lab VM.

Getting Started with Terraform on Windows 10

Getting Started with Terraform on Windows 10 Terraform is a tool for defining and provisioning infrastructure as code (IaC). You can use Terraform to deploy a consistent infrastructure platform with predictable results every time. In this guide, you will install Terraform on your computer, and then you will create and destroy a Docker container. Prerequisites Computer with Windows 10 updated version 2004 Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2 (WSL2) Docker Desktop Install Terraform To install Terraform, visit Terraform.