Tech Field Day

Tech Field Day 13 Preview: Zerostack

There are many interesting and exciting vendors on the itinerary for Tech Field Day 13. One that really intrigues me is ZeroStack. I did a month long study trying to learn Openstack for my vBrownbag Tech talk at VMworld 2016. I love cloud technologies and their ease of consumption. There are a lot of issues associated with public cloud that Openstack addresses. You use on-premises hardware, have total control of your data, and don’t have the reoccurring costs.

Tech Field Day 13!

I am extremely proud to say that I was selected as a delegate for Tech Field Day 13! You may be asking the question “what is Tech Field Day?” Well I’m glad you asked. Tech Field Day is an organization that takes independent IT professionals and IT vendors, puts them in the same room, and lets the good times roll. A delegate gets unprecedented access to a vendor’s executives and engineers.