My Head has been in the Cloud

About two years ago I just happened to read an article in CIO magazine about “The Cloud”. I’ve always been a huge fan of virtualization and getting the most computing for my money. Reading about AWS in particular really excited me. I thought of Amazon as a fantastic retailer and this article and the research done afterward really opened my eyes.

I’m all about infrastructure and approached my studies from that perspective. The most appealing part of AWS is the agility. A significant part of my client base were startups and clients with multiple locations. When a new engagement would make its way to my queue I could get a design from approval to production in hours. I was happy because I could deliver the product quickly and my clients appreciated the lack of capital needed to get started.

When I left consulting I assumed I wouldn’t really have an opportunity to use AWS again so I let that passion die down. I happily focused on VMware and dug in deep in the “private cloud”. That went until last week when I was asked to pull a quote for running some workloads in the cloud. I loaded up the AWS Calculator and it was like I had never deleted the bookmark!

AWS has added so many new services I could barely find my old favorites. I can’t wait to dig back in and probably study for the certification. If you need me I’ll be over here trying to get my workspace to connect to my VMware home lab.