Strategy Going into the VCAP6-DCV Deploy

As I prepare to take an advanced test on a version of VMware I had never touched prior to dropping my $100 I knew I needed a strategy. I searched the blueprint for what was new and hoped my notes from the DCA were enough to patch me through.

Plenty of articles exist to study by. I used many of them to prepare myself. When the time comes for me to take my seat here is how I’ll prepare:

Take Time to Number the Board

Every time I’ve done a VMware test I have taken 5 minutes before the test starts to number my whiteboard. The Deploy is 27 questions so I’ll do two columns numbered to 27 with enough room to write. In the DCA I did this and was able to jot down a topic and where I left off before moving on. I did this after setting down but before starting the exam. If they won’t let you do that it’s still worth keeping track of everything.

Time is Your Enemy

You have 4 hours but time flies when you’re deep in thought. If you start to flounder write it down and move on. Don’t rush the last 5 tasks because you were hung up on private VLANs. You can come back and if a task is dependent on a previous task (creating a host profile and attaching it to a host is something that could possibly happen), mark that and keep going.

Use the Provided Earplugs or Headphones

My testing center is very nice and has noise cancelling headphones. They even come with sanitary covers to keep me from exposure to someone else’s ear sweat. They don’t have music but they do block out the talker and the loud mouse clicker next to me. Even if you don’t have that luxury get the earplugs and wear those. You need to concentrate and you never know if you have a nervous cougher or a guy who had to read everything out loud. Yes I have experienced all of these in previous tests.

Don’t Go in Hungry

My test is 4p - 8p, right during my dinner. I don’t want to be hungry and distracted during the last half so I’ll need to have a snack before. Just make sure you’re biologically comfortable going in. You can leave but the time doesn’t stop.

Usually these are enough to give me the edge I need to do my best. Hopefully they help you too!