Tech Field Day 13 Preview: StorMagic

For my next Tech Field Day preview I will focus on StorMagic. Founded in 2006, StorMagic has strove to find a simple, cost effective software defined storage solution. Virtualization depends on shared storage to provide high availability. This is typically provided with a SAN or NAS device. Sometimes there’s a branch office or some remote site that needs server infrastructure but it doesn’t make financial sense or is logistically impossible to buy a primary storage device. A software defined storage solution utilizes local drives inside the VM hosts to create a distributed storage infrastructure.

StorMagic is compelling because they work with multiple hardware platforms. Many of the bigger players in the current hyper converged and software defined storage market encourage you to buy an all in one solution. It’s refreshing to know there are solutions that work many different hardware partners to allow you to use whichever vendor you prefer.

SvSAN 6.0 has quite a few features that separate it from the pack. They are able to provide shared storage at a site with as few as two nodes using a remote witness. This is a common requirement but their remote witness supports 1000 sites when the competition requires one witness per site. They are also able to handle high latency connections, important for remote sites. The product has many other features that you can read about here.

I am looking forward to hearing from StorMagic at Tech Field Day. SvSAN is interesting and has wide application in ROBO, Retail, and energy.