Tech Field Day 13 Preview: SolarWinds

There are a few companies presenting at Tech Field Day 13 that have such robust catalogs that they are hard to preview. SolarWinds is such a company. They were founded in 1999 to provide management and monitoring tools for every layer of the datacenter. In January 2017, IDC recognized SolarWinds as the market share leader in Network Management Software. You can read the press release here.

I have professional experience using their network configuration manager and virtualization manager tools. On top of those, they also offer patch management, database management, help desk, and application management tools. Their products are developed by IT administrators and systems engineers, so they are experienced in managing the full datacenter stack. If it can be managed and monitored you could probably find a product in the SolarWinds catalog to help.

I feel like they have been a constant presence throughout my career. Their tools are simple to use and fairly straight forward, while also being robust enough to work for multiple silos in the enterprise. My VMware and Infrastructure team use their network management tools to troubleshoot connectivity problems. Using SolarWinds, we are able to see the information we need in minutes and can communicate better to other teams.

The SolarWinds stack is very powerful and they could bring many different products to Tech Field Day 13. I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us next week.