VMworld 2017 is Almost Here

VMworld 2017 is upon us and looks to be busy as ever. I’ll be returning to Las Vegas and the place this ride started last year. There has been a LOT happening in my life during the past 50 weeks. I’m proud to say I joined Rackspace in the Specialist Cloud Architecture business, representing VMware products and services. As many of you also know, I joined the vBrownBag crew and will be hanging out at the TechTalk booth as much as possible. It makes a great “home base” to take in some training and meet people in the community.

It’s fairly late in the cycle to be shamelessly self promoting but I will be presenting a couple of vBrownBag TechTalks:

First off, I’ll be discussing The Value of Mentoring [VMTN6603U] on Monday 11:45 am - 12 pm. This session revolves around something near and dear to my heart. Mentors have played a huge part in my life and mentoring others has been the most rewarding part of my community involvement.

Secondly I’ll be on a panel with some giants of the industry! In Hacking Public Speaking - Tips to Help you Rock It [VMTN6694U] Simon Long, Edward Haletky, Ariel Sanchez Mora, and I will talk about presenting. We all started somewhere and we can all benefit from the experience of others. We will cover how to start, how to prepare, and how to relax when you’re on the stage. This panel is on Wednesday 9:00 am - 9:30 am. I think registration is full but there should be plenty of standing room to accommodate anyone who wants to watch.

Rackspace will be present in a big way as well. First off we’re doing a passport program for some legitimate prizes. Visit booth #528 to pick up a booklet, collect stamps, and earn cool stuff. Simple as that! If you want to play just let me know and I can help set you up or run by the booth. Post a picture of my sessions on your social media of choice and you can get some stamps!

Secondly, we have some extremely interesting announcements around SDDC and private cloud. I’ve been working on some great products and am eager to talk about them! If you want to hear how NSX and vSAN can accelerate your cloud journey just Tweet me @tbgree00.