Uila 2.0 Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

On July 16, 2018, Uila released version 2.0 of its application monitoring and analytics platform. Previously we explored its application discovery and mapping features, focusing on resources that resided within an on-premises datacenter. As industry trends shift toward a hybrid cloud model many monitoring tools have a visibility gap. They only inspect data within their domains, creating a black hole between the on-premises datacenter and the cloud instances. Uila 2.0 seeks to fill that gap and provide real time visibility across any cloud.

Application Discovery and Mapping with Uila

Uila is a platform that seeks to amplify visibility into a virtualized environment, allowing technicians to determine root cause for performance and availability issues. Increasing availability and determining root cause are critically important but are only one part of the Uila platform. The dashboard retains its familiar appearance, with its green/yellow/red application performance visualization but the software itself has many new features to explore. Ulia has spent significant time and effort enhancing other features, in particular application mapping and documentation.

The Road to Root Cause

Have you ever received a call from someone that started with “Why is everything so slow”? I think it’s a safe assumption that everyone working in IT Operations has heard some variation of that question. The request could be anything from issue accessing Yahoo mail to a mission critical application unable to communicate with its database. The worst of these calls happen at 2am. Everyone is crabby, nobody wants to take blame or have a finger pointed at them, and there may not be solid supporting data showing slow down.

Tech Field Day 13 Preview: Uila

As part two of my Tech Field Day preview I wanted to spotlight Uila, Inc (pronounced wee-lah). Uila Inc released Uila, a root cause analysis and network monitoring solution. Their solution was announced in February 2016 as a way to address a black hole in data center management tools. As virtualization has grown in prevalence and importance a new challenge has surfaced. When a virtualized application performs poorly there is no longer one tool to narrow it down.